RVP 111 - Thule/Omnistor Single Electric Step - 460 Wide

Preferred by many motorhome manufacturers.  Extremely solid and very lightweight.  Attention to safety.  Attractive design.

The Omni-Step 12V is operated by means of a design switch which combines perfectly with the interior of modern motorhomes.

All Omni-Steps have galvanised or aluminium frames.  The step is made of anodised aluminium with safe rounded edges. Maximum static capacity 200kg.

A switch for connection to a warning light in the vehicle is supplied as standard.  For your safety, the Omni-Step edges are rounded and fluorescent in the dark.

Danger of slipping is avoided because the step is in ribbed aluminium.

Width of step: 455mm
Total Width: 452mm
Distance between fixation 436mm +/-2
Weight 4.50kg