RVP 579 - Thule Velo Slide Bike Rack

$1464.13 Inc GST
Limited Stock Available



  • Fixed inside your garage compartment

  • Mounting rails available in 700mm and 1400mm lengths - sold separately

  • Convenient, comfortable handling of the bikes - all done while standing outside

  • Unique, patented one-handed control

  • Bike rack slides out up to 1.5 meter

  • Slides partially into the garage for easy access to other cargo around the bike rack

  • Fits larger bikes by making optimal use of vertical space - make sure your RV garage is high enough for your bikes

  • Sturdy, secure bike holders and wheel fixations with pump buckle straps hold your bike in position

  • Bike's ideal position can be optimised without tools - and even while the bike is already attached to the rack

  • Takes little space when not in use - the rack can be slid to the side or removed completely only leaving the mounting rails on the floor


Compatibility Motorhomes
Mounting location Garage
Load Capacity for Bikes 2
Max bike weight 35 kg
Max weight capacity 70 kg
For e-bikes
Sliding rail in depth
Sliding rail left-right
Lockable platform Automatic
Weight 20.9 kg