RVD 165 - Snugger 4kw Diesel Heater

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Ena LTD Sp. z o.o. jest wyłącznym importerem i dystrybutorem Snugger Technologies, Ltd w Polsce. Nasza siedziba znajduje się w Pruszczu Gdańskim.

When you are on the move, treat yourself to the comforts of home with a SF4200 Snugger Diesel Heater


  • 4.2kw heat.
  • 12 Volt operation only
  • Complete installation kit for one outlet. Extra outlets and ducting available for purchase
  • Operates by burning diesel fuel to heat the air through a heat exchanger, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.
  •     The heater can be plumbed into the vehicles existing diesel fuel supply, or fitted with a   separate auxiliary fuel tank.
  •     The unit feature a compact design, simple maintenance, safety protection, low emissions.
  •     Easy DIY to install in the vehicles main cab, the sleeper cab, or the cargo space.
  •     Ideal for caravans, motor homes, horse trucks, travel trailers, motor and sail boats.
  •     Operates automatically under an adjustable thermostatic control.
  •     Inexpensive to run, using only for 0.1 to 0.5litre per hour.

1. Combutions chamer C: Combustion air
2. Blower motor E: Exhaust
3. Hot air blower wheel F: Fresh air intake
4. Control unit H: Hot air output
5. Combustion air blower wheel  
6. Overheat/Flame sensor  
7. Heat exchanger  



Air-heater performance data
Heating medium Air
Heating Value (±10%) btu / hr (kw) Super High Medium Low
4.2Kw 3.2kw 2.2kw 1.1kw
Fuel consumption litres hour 0.51Ltr 0.37Ltr 0.24Ltr 0.12Ltr
Fuel type Diesel

Air flow (± 10%) cfm

86 70 52 32
Electric power consumption (watt) (12 and 24V) 42 27 15 10
Start up (12&24V) watt < 100W
Rated Voltage 12 and 24 Volt
Weigh kg 4.5kg

Please note: Listed technical data is subject to the tolerances of ±10 %