RVK 069 - Multi Input Battery Charger

$646.19 Inc GST

12 Volt – 8 Stage – Multi-input charger
Automatically selects different charging modes from 240VAC, DC-DC and Solar input for
your auxiliary battery


  •  Fully automatic 8 stage charging system.
  •  Suitable for charging 12V Gel, Lead Acid, AGM and Maintenance Free Calcium types of flooded automotive batteries. This charger is NOT suitable for Lithium type batteries. Do not attempt to recharge dry cell batteries.
  •  Large easy to read LED display shows the battery charging stage status, volts and amps output, operation mode and notifies of battery fault.
  •  Zero Volt battery charging, enabling recovery and charging of a completely deep discharged battery.
  •  Automatic input selection between AC (30amps), DC (40amps) or Solar power sources
  •  Removable LED display doubles as a remote controller with 5M of connection cable
  •  Inbuilt protection systems for safe operation.