RVP 255 - Milenco Stacka System Level 6

$125.01 Inc GST


This is Milenco's NEW superior level system which has been designed to make levelling easier for you!



The Milenco Stacka Level 6 has been manufactured using a truly versatile system complete with Tyre Saver Top. Simply stack the pieces together placing the Tyre Saver on the top to construct the desired height.  

Suitable for Caravans, Motorhomes, Twin Axle, Single Axle and Tag Axle. Comes complete with storage bag

Milenco Stacka Level 6 Features:-

  • Six levels.
  • Single Stacka level dimension: 35 x 24 x 4cm.
  • Tyre Saver Level: 4cm high plus 1cm tyre saver.
  • 6 x Stacka per pack.
  • 1 x Tyre saver per pack.
  • 8 Ton max.
  • Comes complete with a bag.





Stacka Tyre Saver - Product Code:  3025           Stacka Level Singles - Product Code: 3032

Single Stacka + Tyre Saver   Stacka x 2 + Tyre Saver

Stacka x 2 + Tyre Saver  Stacka x 3 + Tyre Saver

Stacka x 6 + Tyre Saver  Stacka x 6 + Tyre Saver

Stacka Level Bag