RVP 251 - Milenco Grip Mats (set of 2)

$49.50 Inc GST

These mats can get you out of a muddy field unlike conventional grip mats.

This is a very heavy-duty grip mat with a new unique innovative registered design, which has the tread in a bared shape and is another Milenco first.

If you do get stuck Milenco have opened the ends of the grip mat combined with their new unique open barbed tread pattern, so you can get started on the grip mat and pull yourself out of trouble.

You can pull yourself onto the grip mat by putting the edge or centre of the mat in front of the spinning wheel.

When camping, park your tow car or motorhome drive wheels on the grip mats for swift drive away.

(Please note you will still need a tractor if you are up to your axles in mud!)