RVE2947 - Filtapac Recharge Kit

Recharge Kit For Carver/Truma

Don't throw away your used crystal water filter - revitalise it with a FILTAPAC refill.


  • Recharges crystal filter (Mk1 & 2)
  • Quality & efficiency same as the orginal
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Simple, full instructions.
  • Saves money
  • Does not allow carbon to escape
  • Avoids 'black bits' in your drinking water


FILTAPAC recharge packs for the Crystal Mk1 & Mk2 water filters are now easier and cleaner to use, and the possibility of carbon escaping has now been virtually eliminated. The reason is simple - unlike the original filter,the recharge pack contains a completely sealed charge of carbon encapsulated in a nylon, surgical stockinette, bag. The tightly knitted stockinette ensures that the carbon stays put and forms itself to the shape of the filter housing so that no water bypasses the filter medium.