RVO699 - Enternabond Eterna Prime

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EternaPrime is specially formulated primer developed specifically for EternaBond tapes.
EternaPrime, based on a VOC exempt solvent, meets all federal (USA) standards for health and environmental safety

Basic Use

EternaPrime is used to prepare surfaces for application of all EternaBond tapes. Recommended uses include, but are not limited to dirty surfaces which are difficult to clean completely (tar and gravel), potentially loose surfaces (mortar), porous surfaces (wood or concrete), and anytime the EternaBond tape is applied at temperatures below 40°F ambient.


EternaPrime is based on a VOC exempt solvent with a blend of our elastomers and resins infused into the solvent.

Technical Data

Application temperature   -20°Fto 205°F
Coverage 75 sq ft  (6.9mtrs)per 1 quart (950mls)
Drying Time at 60°F 15 minutes
Film Thickness +/- 4 mils when wet
Flash Point 110°F
Standard Can Size Quart (950ml)
Viscosity 135 - 152 cps
Weight 10 lbs per gallon







Surface Preparation

Surface must be dry. Remove heavy accumulations of loose rust and scale, dust, talc, and dirt. Oil, grease, and other contaminants should be removed with EternaClean or a non-residue cleaner. Do not use EternaPrime on PVC roofs as reactivation of some plasticizers may occur


EternaPrime can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed onto surface (stir frequently)