RVP 296 - Camper Trolley CT4500

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The Camper-Trolley CT4500 ensures hassle-free, safe manoeuvring and positioning of your caravan, boat, or trailer into tight spaces.  Moves up to 4500kg.

Simply attach a bracket too your A-frame, connect your Camper-Trolley, and using your handheld remote control, start effortlessly positioning your boat or caravan. Camper-Trolley is a revolutionary hi-tech product manufactured according to the most modern design principles combined with cutting edge technology.

Weight 38 kgs
Electrical rating 14.8V
Motor 4 x DC planetary geared
Overall height 260mm
Overall width 480mm
Overall length 550mm
Speed 12cm per sec, 7m per min

2 years for the CT4500 machine

& 6 months warranty for the battery

Max load 300 kgs downforce
Hauling capacity 4500 kgs


You will need an additional bracket (RVP 298/ RVP 299/ RVP 7020) depending on your vehicle.