RVP290 - Camper Trolley CT1500

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Camper Trolley

Make Manoeuvering Caravans, boats, trailers, horse floats, hassle free.

Let Camper Trolley make the job quick, easy and safe.

  • Just attach your Camper-Trolley and operate the simple hand-held remote control, start positioning effortlessly  your caravan, boat, trailer or horse float.
  • Camper-Trolleys require no after sales installation, and dispense with the need for tools or electrical wiring. No need to use your  jockey wheel, which eliminates the possibility of damage to your drawbar and/or jockey wheel.
  • Being Portable and light it  eliminates problems with dirt,  moisture, damage while towing  unlike other permanently fixed units.
  • Can operate on a variety of surfaces (surface must be firm) thanks to its two heavy duty rubber tracks driven by planetary geared motors which are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Camper-Trolley is a revolutionary hi-tech product manufactured according to the most modern design principles combined with cutting edge technology.

Please note:  Mounting bracket - included is a Closed Frame mounting bracket



Technical Specifications:

Transmitting Frequency 2.4 GHZ
Speed 9 metres per minute
Battery Capacity 14.4 Volt, 6000 mAh Lithium Ion
Operating Capacity Approx. 30 min
Motor 2 Pce. 14.4V planet gear motors
Battery Charger 240V - 14.4V, 1000 mAh.
Weight 18 kg
Haulage Capacity Suitable for caravans, boats, etc up to 1700kg
Vertical Downward 300 kg
Safety Built-in 3-minute safety shut-off function
Dimensions 390mm(L) x 440mm (W) x 280mm (H)
Working Surface Concrete, asphalt, paving, compacted gravel, dirt and grass
Warranty 2 years