RVE501 - Bench Cassette Toilet - Right Hand

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The cassette toilet, another great Thetford invention, has  removable waste-holding tank and is the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or motor home.  The Thetford Cassette Toilet surpasses any comparable toilet for ease of use, and its unique design ensures it fits in every modern caravan and motor home interior.


The cassette toilet is a built-in toilet consisting of two parts: a permanently installed toilet and a removable waste-holding tank.  You can easily access and take out the waste-holding tank via a small door on the outside of the vehicle, making it much easier to prepare the toilet for use and to maintain the tank.

The Cassette Toilet is manufactured from high-quality, lightweight materials, has a powerful yet quiet flushing system, and advanced fixtures and fittings.  What's more, the toilet will form an integral part of the bathroom of any caravan or motor home.

Advantages Of The Cassette Toilet

  • Optimal use of space.
  • Lightweight, high-quality plastic.
  • Durable, user-friendly and maintenance friendly.
  • Easy access to the waste-holding tank from the outside.
  • Powerful flushing system.
  • Quiet to use: no nuisance compared to other suppliers.
  • Level indicator: shows when the waste-holding tank needs to be emptied.
  • Built-in rotating emptying spout.
  • Vent button for emptying without splashing.
  • Automatic pressure release vent: prevents build-up of gases and ensures splash-free opening of the waste-holding tank.



Flushing system: Electric
Waste holding tank capacity: 19.3L
Flush-water tank capacity: 15L
Waste-holding tank level indicator: 1 indication level
Waste-holding tank on wheels: Yes
Removeable mechanism: Yes
Net Weight: 8.1kg



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