RVF 520MG - 5.5 Metre Thule/Omnistor 8000 Awning - Wall Mounted

$3117.66 Inc GST

Thule/Omnistor 8000 is their most exclusive manual awning.

Enjoy outdoor life with  Thule/Omnistor 8000 European designed awning. Extending your living space while protecting your from the sun and rain. With its stylish good looks and effortless opening and closing to provide you with the ultimate in pleasure and comfort.

5.50 metres
Projection: 2.75 metres 
Weight:      51.8 kg


  • Projection up to 2.75 m to increase your personal space, protecting you from sun and rain.
  • The retractable arms are fitted with integrated tension arms to guarantee an optimal fabric tension.
  • The front profile has a drainage system to dispose of water and waste, and which makes it easy to clean.
  • Smart, adjustable legs integrated in the front profile give more clearance and stability when in use.
  • With user friendly Quick Lock system for easy setting and adjustment of the support legs.
  • The support legs can easily be placed in the special holders on the side wall.
  • Vertically lowering system to unfold support legs without danger of damaging the vehicle.
  • Cassette Colour: White
  • Also available in a 5 and 6 metre length.

Colours Available: Mystic Grey

8000 Dimensions


The new Thule/Omnistor 5003 opens in a more horizontal position.  This means that vans and lower motorhomes or caravans with a door which opens tightly against the awning can easily be fitted with the Omnistor 5003.

Telescopic handle

Absolutely simple! You open or close your awning in no time at all using the telescopic handle. The handle is standard for all awnings with spring arms.

Quick Release support legs

The telescopic support legs are very easy to unfold. They are lowered vertically from the front frame and stand automatically in the correct position to be set at the right height using the Quick Lock system. This means that the support legs never come too close to the vehicle panel. The dual-purpose facility ensures that the awning can be set up on any base. This is done either by securing it with ground pegs in a natural base or using the special holders which can be assembled on the panel.


Front Profile

The front profile has a drainage system to dispose of water and waste, and which makes it easy to clean.

Monoblock Fabric Tensioning

The combination of the utmost sturdy spring arms and the monoblock makes the Thule|Omnistor awnings extremely stable. Normal upward and downward movements are absorbed to protect the vehicle panel (no extra pressure). The double steel cables in the retractable arms ensure that the Thule|Omnistor awning is resistant to wind and also guarantee maximum fabric tension.

Double Lock

The double security lock ensures extra safety when the vehicle is moving. Once the awning is closed, the front frame is bolted by the patented locks at both ends of the awning. The locks are automatically unbolted when the awning is opened using the telescopic handle.