RVH130T - 400 x 400 Vision Star Roof Vent - White Frame

$199.23 Inc GST
Out of stock : Alternative is RVH 129 - Signal White frame


Easy ...single-handed action! Making it idea for Motorhomes and Caravans

Very easy single-handed operation, with driving noise reduced considerably, thanks to the low profiled dome. It can be opened continuously on one side up to an angle of 70° and has an automatic locking and unlocking mechanism.
The attractive interior frame with a double pleated blind provides reliable protection against sunlight and insects.

Frame Colour:  White (Cream)


  • Easy Operation, one hand use
  • Tinted Dome with strong UV-filter 
  • Flat Double Glazed Dome (only 80mm o.r.)
  • Can be opened to 70° angle
  • Comes complete with  pleated blind and flyscreen
  • Insulated frame for enhanced insulation and improved noise reduction

Please note:  Photos show full rubber seal.  The vents sold in New Zealand, only have patial seals to comply with the NZ regulations

Aperture-(cut out) 400 x 400mm
Dome size 490 x 470mm
Free airflow 150 cm²
Height Over Roof 80mm
Inside Frame dimensions 565 x 530 x 35mm max
Roof thickness 25-60mm
Weight 3760g









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