RVH122A - 290mm x 290mm 4 Way Roof Vent With Clear Tint Dome

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A Stylish Easy To Fit Roof Vent.


  • Telescopic handles opening to four sides with locking device
  • Tinted Dome with strong UV-filter 
  • Large dome protects against rain splash
  • Warm air between dome reduces condensation
  • Condensed water drains away due to covered ventilation holes that deflect it
  • Low noise while driving
  • Roller flyscreen & blind
  • Doubled skin to allow airflow when roof vent is closed which reduces condensation.


Aperture-(cut out) 280 x 280mm
Dome size 380 x 395mm
Free Airflow 100cm²
Height above roof 80mm
Roof thickness 46 - 78mm


View: Vent showing blind and roller retracted.