RVQ 1145 - Maxview Precison Tripod Satellite Dish

$499.00 Inc GST
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No need to miss out on your favourite TV programmes with this well designed easy to set up Maxview Precision Portable Tripod Satellite System for TV reception On The Move


  • Tripod stand for easy set up
  • Quick signal finding
  • Idea for  receiving Optus D1 Satellite
  • Lightweight sturdy design
  • Comes complete with holdall bag for easy handling
  • Coaxial Cable Ports: Easy access ports to attach your coaxial cable.
  • Easy push fit fittings
  • Folds down neatly for compact storage.
  • 55 cm dish aluminum dish
  • All weather resistant construction
  • Unique magnetic LNB lock - Secures LNB arm when in closed position
  • 2 year guarantee

Kit Contents:

  • Dish Unit
  • Tripod stand
  • Tripod holdall
  • Dish unit holdall
  • 10m flexible cable
  • Compass
  • Ground Pegs

Other Equipment you will need to get started

  • TV (digital or HD models)
  • Satellite receiver or TV with built in satellite tuner



Elevation Indicator - Easy to view elevation angle read out.

Level Indicator - A level tripod will allow for a quicker set up and more accurate elevation reading.

Integrated Sat Finder - No need to view a TV during set up as this handy sat finder provides audio and visual indication of signal strength and proximity to satellite.

Magnetic LNB Lock - The magnetic lock allows the LNB arm to lock into its folded position, aiding transportation and storage.