Gas Alarms
Gas Alarms

RVL 560 - 12V LPG Gas Detector

$171.29 Inc GST

This unit has been specifically created for  motorhomes and caravans, thi...

RVL 530 - Gas Detector CO

$238.98 Inc GST

The carbon monoxide (CO) detector, especially designed for the caravaning, motor...

RVN 122 - Additional Sensor For RVN 120 Gas Alarm - Liquid Gas/Natural Gas/Anesthetic Gas

$121.88 Inc GST

Features: detects propane, butane and methane and knockout gas. can ...

RVN 124 - Additional Sensor For RVN 120 Gas Alarm - Carbon Monoxide

$131.89 Inc GST

Features: detects carbon monoxide (CO) can be used as a second or th...

RVN 105 - Gas Alarm Remote Sensor With Shut Off Feature

$392.73 Inc GST

This unit will detect LPG, Petrol and CNG funes.  Supplied with one sensor,...

RVN 106 - Auto Shut Off Valve and Regulator For RVN 105

$226.32 Inc GST

Valve and regulator kit for RVN 105....